About Us

Get to know Who We Are,Our Mision and Vision.

Who We Are

AJ Sewing services and designs started in February 2016 providing sewing and design services to individuals who want special designed wearing like church uniforms, wedding outfit, special parties costume etc. across Gauteng, now expanding its product offering to school uniforms, security uniforms, corporate uniform and many more. Over the past year we have grown to be a reliable supplier to individuals who want customized clothing.

We have achieved this by providing the best quality garments, and the timeliest delivery. We offer the finest quality goods in the uniform industry from high quality fabrics. Compare our products to the competition and you’ll see why only AJ sewing services and designs can guarantee their products for a full year. Our ability to accommodate any size from the very petit to the very large, assures every one that we will be able to fit each and every person.


Our mission is to ensure that every customer experience with our company is positive. This applies to everyone, from direct users of our products and uniforms to the individuals who deal with our customer service representative,” Quality is our virtue.

Our Team