Gaze at what we do and how we do it.

The best value school uniform, hospitality, hospital, and health care clothing manufacturer. As manufactures we can pass the benefits of these wholesale prices to our clients and the public.

Our manufacturing process uses the best experienced staff and high-end machinery. We have the manufacturing capacity to deliver shelf ready products and clothing with high quality. We have the best quality assurance process team that makes sure our products are of value for money and durable.

The Process

  • Planning

    Careful production planning is essential to ensure orders are met timeously with optimal use of resources.

  • Marking

    Fabrics are marked using various patterns depending on the styles and sizes required. Accurate marking optimises material usage and reduces wastage.

  • Cutting

    Fabrics are cut according to the markings, and all individual components of each garment are labelled and bundled together before reaching the assembly line.

  • Assembly

    Individual pieces are sewn together and assembled along the assembly line until the garment is produced, complete with zips, pull-stings and labels.

  • Finishing

    After assembly, all garments are inspected for any imperfections which are corrected immediately. Once approved, garments undergo pressing and ironing.

  • Packing

    Garments pass a final quality check and are neatly folded and packed into shelf-ready packaging.

Embroidery Plant

We have the manufacturing capacity to deliver shelf-ready products and real value. All our school uniforms, matric jackets and promotional wear undergo the strictest Quality Assurance process. We also pack and prepare all our clothing prior to distribution.